Version 1.4 (2018-10-12)

Note: tracemalloc 1.3 has no been released because of a mistake in the release procedure.

Version 1.2 (2014-10-15)

  • filter_traces() now raises a TypeError if filters is not an iterable
  • Update Python 2.7 patch to try to keep the ABI unchanged, especially for Python compiled in debug mode (./configure --with-pydebug)
  • Support Python 2.6
  • Enhance the documentation (website)

Version 1.0 (2014-03-05)

  • Python issue #20616: Add a format() method to tracemalloc.Traceback.
  • Python issue #20354: Fix alignment issue in the tracemalloc module on 64-bit platforms. Bug seen on 64-bit Linux when using “make profile-opt”.
  • Fix slicing traces and fix slicing a traceback.

Version 1.0beta1 (2013-12-14)

  • A trace of a memory block can now contain more than 1 frame, a whole traceback instead of just the most recent frame
  • The malloc hook API has been proposed as the PEP 445. The PEP has been accepted and implemented in Python 3.4.
  • The tracemalloc module has been proposed as the PEP 454. After many reviews, the PEP has been accepted and the code has been merged into Python 3.4.
  • The code has been almost fully rewritten from scratch between the version 0.9.1 and 1.0. The tracemalloc has now a completly different API:
    • DisplayTop, TakeSnapshot and DisplayGarbage classes have been removed
    • Rename enable/disable to start/stop
    • start() now takes an optional nframe parameter which is the maximum number of frames stored in a trace of a memory block
    • Raw traces are accesible in Snapshot.traces
    • The get_process_memory() has been removed, but new functions are added like get_traced_memory()
  • The glib hashtable has been replaced by a builtin hashtable based on the libcfu library. The glib dependency has been removed so it should be easier to install the module (ex: on Windows).

Version 0.9.1 (2013-06-01)

  • Add PYTRACEMALLOC environment variable to trace memory allocation as early as possible at Python startup
  • Disable the timer while calling its callback to not call the callback while it is running
  • Fix pythonXXX_track_free_list.patch patches for zombie frames
  • Use also MiB, GiB and TiB units to format a size, not only B and KiB

Version 0.9 (2013-05-31)

  • Tracking free lists is now the recommended method to patch Python
  • Fix code tracking Python free lists and python2.7_track_free_list.patch
  • Add patches tracking free lists for Python 2.5.2 and 3.4.

Version 0.8.1 (2013-03-23)

  • Fix python2.7.patch and python3.4.patch when Python is not compiled in debug mode (without –with-pydebug)
  • Fix DisplayTop: display “0 B” instead of an empty string if the size is zero (ex: trace in user data)
  • automatically detects which patch was applied on Python

Version 0.8 (2013-03-19)

  • The top uses colors and displays also the memory usage of the process
  • Add DisplayGarbage class
  • Add get_process_memory() function
  • Support collecting arbitrary user data using a callback: Snapshot.create(), DisplayTop and TakeSnapshot have has an optional user_data_callback parameter/attribute
  • Display the name of the previous snapshot when comparing two snapshots
  • Command line (-m tracemalloc):
    • Add --color and --no-color options
    • --include and --exclude command line options can now be specified multiple times
  • Automatically disable tracemalloc at exit
  • Remove get_source() and get_stats() functions: they are now private

Version 0.7 (2013-03-04)

  • First public version